Our Service

Washing Machine

We have years of experiences in service and maintenance industry. We present washing machine installation, repairing and maintaining at a very economical rate. We deal with each brand of washing machine, with all of our efforts towards providing you unbeatable services at your doorsteps. Not just brand approved installation we also have numerous services such as repair and maintenance services for washing machines. Our experts have proficient knowledge of repair industry hence they are experts in solving every tricky issue you are facing with your washing machines. We provide a wide range of superior quality installation, removal, maintenance and repair services for semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines of multiple brands with utmost care of your money and time. Here are few services we provide :-

  • Brand approved Installation of a new washing machine
  • Removal of a washing machine
  • Clogged draining solutions
  • Rinse system repairing
  • Agitator function adjustment
  • PCB solution related to the circuit board in an automatic washing machine
  • Fully and semi-automatic automatic washing machine maintenance
  • Washing machine adjustments